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KT&Partners is an independent firm, founded by Kevin Tempestini, that advises small and mid-sized Italian companies on projects related to credit and financial markets. We work both with companies listed on the Italian Stock Exchange and unlisted private companies, providing them with a wide array of services.

We help publicly trading companies achieve the most strategic and convergent communication with the financial markets in the most professional way possible, with the aim of ensuring that our client company's securities achieve fair valuation. By bringing the executive managements together with as many market professionals and as frequently as possible, we aim to assist the companies to stay value-focused. At the same time, we increase the market's awareness of the companies.

We also help unlisted private companies on projects like raising equity, finding new investors, debt financing, and initial public offering (IPO).

Our partners have vast experience in the financial markets. We come from different backgrounds and different experiences, however, always from within the circle of financial markets. Our past experiences include equity research, equity sales, corporate finance, and asset management. We have taken roles in around twenty IPOs both in Italy and abroad. The companies we have developed projects for come from a wide range of industries, including retail, healthcare, food and beverage, consumer discretionaries, steel, oil and gas, alternative energy, and real estate.

KT&Partners is based in Milan. We serve clients from all around Italy.

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