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KT&Partners, is one of the leading independent equity research providers in the AIM Italia Market. Our Equity Research Team covers several small and mid-cap companies listed on the Italian Stock Exchange.
In detail, our equity research activity includes:

  • Periodic visits to listed companies
  • Development of valuation models
  • Release of IPO and initiation of coverage reports, detailed updates on quarterly, half-yearly and annual results and notes on significant events
  • Regular publication of surveys about overall trends in the financial market with a specific focus on the AIM Italia

KT&Partners is also actively involved in organizing marketing activities for both companies and institutional investors:

  • Organization of conferences and road shows. KT&Partners regularly organizes conferences and road shows, collaborating with other relevant actors in the capital market (i.e. Borsa Italiana, brokers, law firms/accountants)
  • Assistance in presenting business plans or extraordinary deals to the financial community



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