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At KT&Partners, we help publicly trading small and mid-sized Italian companies achieve the most strategic communication with the market in the most professional way possible. We believe one of the most effective ways to ensure that a company's securities achieve fair valuation is to have the most effective two-way communication between the publicly trading company and the financial community. For this reason, we aim to introduce our client companies to as many market professionals, be they analysts or asset managers, as possible.
Once we begin working with a client company, we start by refining its ‘equity story’. This sometimes involves persuading the company’s management to provide additional information, be it operational or financial, to the market, beyond what is regulatorily required.

Afterwards, we review the company’s communication materials (investor presentations, web site, annual report, fact sheets etc.) with the financial community. We make sure they accurately reflect the ‘equity story’ and that they are investor-friendly. Our past experiences tell us that companies often have difficulties here as they incorrectly assume that investors already know the dynamics of their business well. Our role involves making sure the materials presented to analysts and investors effectively transmit how and where the company creates value and how it preserves it.

It is especially important for small and mid-cap companies to come together with buy-side analysts and investors, as these companies often have higher growth potential than blue-chip firms, and many of the bets asset managers make by investing in them are on the management itself: its commitment to growing the business, to generating good ideas, to building up a sound business plan, to increasing the profitability etc.

KT&Partners’ Market Profiling is a customized approach, based on Kevin Tempestini’s experience of more than 20 years as an analyst, Equity sales and manager in this industry. We serve our different clients in different ways, as every single company has its own requirements. Our ultimate target, on the other hand, is always the same: to help the top management use all the valuable opportunities to interact with investing professionals both to increase awareness of their company, and to ensure a fair valuation of their company’s securities.

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